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Wolf3D Stand-Alone EMS for 944 Turbo - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 2,446.76
Take control of your Porsche with the Wolf 3D Plug and Play Engine Management System (EMS) for your Porsche 944 Turbo. This EMS replaces the factory DME fuel computer and KLR knock control computer (951) with no modifications. You get Laptop Programmable Stand Alone EMS which allows you to control every aspect of your engine.

Plug and Play (just remove the DME/KLR rack, and drop in the WOLF EMS Rack, and plug in your DME and KLR harness plugs. No wiring necessary).

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Control: [1] Fuel, [2] Ignition, [3] Staged Injectors, [4] Boost, [5] Idle Speed, [6] Closed Loop + 5 Auxiliary Outputs.

Tuning: [1] Fuel and Ignition Maps 16 Load Bands adjustable every 125 RPM, [2] Fuel Increments 0.0003 mS per step, [3] Fuel Engine Temp Compensation adjustable every 2 C, [4] Fuel Air Temp Compensation adjustable every 2 C, Ignition Increments 0.35 degrees per step, [5] Ignition Engine Temp Compensation adjustable every 2 C, [6] Ignition Air Temp Compensation adjustable every 2 C.

Auxiliary Outputs can be switched with RPM, Load, TPS, Air Temp, Battery Voltage, and Oxygen Sensor Level. Variable Boost Fuel, Ignition, TPS, Engine and Air Temp compensation.

Other Info

Delivery Time: Special Order (within 7 days). Price includes Parcelforce 24 Next Day delivery to any UK Mainland address. Suitable for the 944 Turbo only.

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Screen shot of the supplied software accompanying the Wolf3D EMS (Engine Management System).