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The standard 944 Head gasket fitted to both 944 Turbo models often fails after many years or if the car has been moderately tuned. The WideFire gasket is the same specification gasket as fitted to the 944 turbo Cup cars raced during the late 80's. The gasket has much thicker metal rings and is suitable for use on any 944 turbo running higher than standard boost.

If you need to replace a failed head gasket on any 944 Turbo - it is recommended that you fit the WideFire replacement. It costs little more than the standard factory gasket and will provide peace of mind if you do many track days or plan to run with high boost pressure.

Click here to view a larger picture of the WideFire gasket. Picture courtesy of Gareth Husbands. Click here to view Gareth's web site.

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Fitting of the WideFire gasket is the same as the standard item. This is a specialised job that should only be attempted if you have adequate experience and workshop facilities. For further information on 944/951 fitting procedures (including the head gasket), follow this link: Clarks Garage  For information on fitting the head gasket, click here

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