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Many older Porsche models are now plagued with vacuum leaks. Especially the 944 Turbo. The factory system is ageing and in need of replacement. Factory replacement hoses and connectors can be very expensive to purchase from Porsche. Looking for an alternative? These kits contain 25 feet of 5/32" Purosil silicone tubing (-65 F to 350 F maximum operating range) and 3 heat/oil/fuel proof plastic 'T's. Enough hose to replace all the hard plastic lines in your engine compartment.

Available in Black or Blue - please specify colour when ordering.

Vacuum lines are essential for sending a vacuum signal to the [1] Fuel Pressure Damper, [2] Fuel Pressure Regulator, [3] By-Pass Valve, [4] KLR Computer, [5] Heater Vacuum Controls and Wastegate.

Click here to view a larger picture of the Vacuum kit fitted.

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The kit is very easy to fit and is designed as a solution to replace all the narrow bore vacuum hoses that are used extensively on the 944 Turbo and normally aspirated 944/968 models (S, S2, 2.7, 2.5 and 924S). The only tool required is a pair of side cutters to cut the hose to the correct lengths. The hose ends will easily push fit into position and all the supplied heat/oil/fuel proof plastic 'T' pieces have barbed connectors to ensure a secure connection once in place. The kit can also be used on other Porsche models that have a number of vacuum lines including the 911 Turbo (930, 965) and 928 V8 models.

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