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Lindsey Racing Turbochargers - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 895.950

ProMAX Motorsport now offer the Lindsey Racing Turbos for the 944 Turbo (951) and 911 Turbo. We ran the Lindsey Racing Club Turbo in our 944 Turbo 2.8 Road Car. It spools quickly and pulls hard to redline and beyond. The 61#  Turbo will move 785CFM at 1 bar before upgrades!

Some of the first turbochargers specifically designed for Porsche vehicles. The Lindsey Racing Turbo is a 100% bolt-on unit. It produces more power, more torque, reduces lag and allows for higher boost levels than any other turbo on the market BAR NONE!

Lindsey Racing Super 61# Turbo - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 895.950  

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It has standard 360 degree sintered-bronze bearings with ceramic ball bearings as an option. The most unique feature about the Lindsey Racing turbo is that it is fully upgradeable. For a fraction of the price of a new, larger turbo, Lindsey Racing can install larger internal parts for even more power! All Lindsey Racing Turbos have pinned bearings, this expands the range of the turbo's capabilities without losing reliability.

All turbos come with new 0-rings for the oil inlet and outlet, new exhaust outlet studs, nuts and water block off for thermostat housing (for dry jackets). As this turbo has a 2.75" inlet - an adapter is required if the standard 'J' pipe is till to be used. ProMAX Motorsport are currently developing a uitable adapter - available soon. There are 3 compressor options: 61#, 65# and 75# (65 and 75 have 3" inlet). Stocked units are 61#, wet with 2.75" inlet.

Other Pricing Info

Quoted price is for entry level Lindsey Racing Super Turbo with 61# Compressor, water cooled jacket and 2.75" inlet. Price includes Parcelforce 24 hours delivery.

::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 895.950 Delivery Time: Next day (item in stock)

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