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ProMAX Tune Up Kit - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 189.95  

Combine 3 easy to install performance enhancing products to enhance the performance of any standard 951. The combined K&N filter and 951 specific adaptor will help performance by improving throttle response (and marginally increases economy).

BERU Ultra-X UX79 plugs with 4 way electrodes (and a range of heat ratings) ensure you're getting up to 137% more spark than conventional plugs. The Vacuum kit ensures you're not losing any valuable boost pressure that is often lost through the leaks that develop in the numerous vacuum lines that exist in the 944 Turbo (951).

This simple kit provides a solid grounding in preparation for other performance enhancements. By ensuring you are getting good air flow, good spark and no boost losses means that modifications such as the Boost Enhancer and ProMAX performance kits will be even more effective. Any standard 951 using this kit can then add a ProMAX performance kit later.

NOTE: The K&N Filter can be purchased with the bracket. Click here for details.

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This kit is only applicable to the 951 (944 Turbo), however the Vacuum Kits and BERU Ultra-X spark plugs can be used on the 944S, S2 and other normally aspirated models. Plugs are also suitable for the 968 models, 928 models (requires 8 plugs) and 911 (some cars requiring 12 plugs if using dual distributor ignition, such as 964 and 993).

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The items in the ProMAX Tune Up Kit can be purchased separately
Induction Kit ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 149.95
Spark Plugs  ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 19.95
Vacuum kit   ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 34.95

Purchasing the kit saves you almost ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 15 against purchasing the items independently!
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