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ProMAX Motorsport Customers - Referrals and Testimonials.

From Malc Bywaters after fitting the KW Variant 3 Kit to his Porsche 944 Turbo in an e-mail dated 23/07/09: I did my first trackday since you fitted the new suspension this week and where before my 944 turbo was a bit tail happy & nervous on it's well worn M030 Konis now it's planted & able to make much better use of the tyres. The fast road setup you put on is superb too, adjustable mid-corner and when it does let go it's predictable & easy to control. On the road the ride quality is much better than before and even though the car is lower it no longer scrapes its nose on speed humps where it did before. The KW suspension, fresh mounts and setup have transformed the car on the road and track, it really is the best of both worlds.

From Craig Woodman after fitting the ProMAX Performance Chip [7700RT] to his Porsche 968 Coupe in an e-mail dated 20/07/07: I finally got around to fitting the Promax Performance chip to my 968. I have just taken it for a run and the mid range seems to be much better with no perceptible lag around 4,000rpm when the variocam kicks in. You simply plant your foot and it goes – no hesitation or delay. The slightly higher redline will take some getting used to. I will see what my times are like next weekend at our next track day.

From Keith Strudwick after having the DPS 600 Alignment and other services carried out on his Porsche 944 2.7 Lux in an e-mail dated 09/07/07: Just a quick word to say thank you for your attention yesterday. I'm very pleased with the 'ride', and I'm positive I can feel a distinct improvement.

From Robert Spratley after having the DPS 600 Alignment service carried out on his Porsche 996 GT3 RS in an e-mail dated 31/05/07: Took my 2004 GT3 RS in yesterday for a full geometry check on the new 'Hunter' wheel alignment machine. Most impressive piece of kit. Roger Quickly found that most settings were slightly out, and adjusted to my desired set up. On the drive home the handling was noticeably improved, less twitchy and effected by bad road surfaces. As always the Guys were very friendly and accommodating. It must be worth anyone with a 911 having this service carried out every 10k or so, it makes a huge difference to handling and tyre wear. etc.

From Scott Wood after having the KW Variant 3 Kit fiited to his Porsche 944 Turbo in a forum message dated 18/05/07: It is an expensive upgrade without a shadow of a doubt, but if you want a firmer, more focussed ride that is still not too extreme for the road then this kit is for you. I'm really looking forward to getting her on the track and seeing exactly where the limits might be. So tomorrow I'll be making sure I get her out for an extended spin to get a bit more familiar. Also the service I received from Promax was second to none. They did a first class job, provided advice at every step and cleaned the car afterwards also. Another satisfied KW customer!!

From Miles Smith after fitting the ProMAX Performance Chip to his Porsche 944S2 in an e-mail dated 18/05/07: Got the chip for my 944 S2 yesterday... installed it. WOW!! Nice seat-of-the-pants difference... flat-spot's gone! THANKS! Miles Smith, ACHDS.

From LTC Rodney F. Laszlo after fitting the ProMAX Performance Chip to his Porsche 964 C4 in an e-mail dated 18/05/07: I've not had ANY time to do some type of 'unofficial testing', but again I'll tell you our 92 964 C4 Targa does definitely pull better in the 2500-4000 rpm range and a 'hunting idle' I had is gone . . . thanks again for the opportunity and I have passed along to the PCA in Hawaii that it is well worth it to get support from PROMAX Motorsport . . . thanks again for the very professional service! Aloha, Rod.

From Ken Hill after fitting the ProMAX Performance Chip to his Porsche 964 C2 in an e-mail dated 29/04/07: I fitted your Promax chip on Friday and gave the car a bit of a run yesterday. I have posted a first report on Rennlist. I was surprised that you do not supply a window sticker (something similar to the Rennlist sticker) for Promax chip. The only way for someone to know that there is a Promax chip installed is by asking the owner. Just a suggestion. At this time I am very happy with the chip-my idle and stalling problems have disappeared, power is very similar to the Autothority MAF and chip. Thanks again, Ken.

From Paul Wade after fitting the ProMAX Performance Chip to his Porsche 964 C4 in an e-mail dated 04/04/07: Just a quick update to say thanks Andrew chip arrived today. So far I'm impressed. Chip arrived well packaged with good ESD protection, precise instructions and even a disposible ESD strap. I will hopefully get some time over the easter period (this weekend) to do some quick comparison between the stock chip and the Promax. Currently I have a full tank of 93 petrol so will need to get some Octain booster to bring it up to the required rating. The plan is to connect the hammer and check the knock counts if all is good I'll get some RR time booked and have the results posted here.

From Baladas Naidoo after receiving a CSI Battery Conditioner in an e-mail dated 11/01/07: Dear Andy, The CSI unit you sent out to me in New Zealand arrived safely today. Many thanks for such a good service. Best wishes, Baladas Naidoo

From Jacy Christensen after receiving the ProMAX Performance Chip for her husband's Porsche 944S2 in an e-mail dated 28/12/06: Hi Andrew, I just received my shipment in today's mail. Thank your for all of your time and attention to my order. I'm sure my husband will enjoy installing his new chip. Have a great day. Jacy Christensen

From Jim Whalen after fitting the SciVision MAF Kit to his Porsche 944S2 in an e-mail dated 12/11/06: Andrew, I installed the MAF I ordered from you last month on my S2 - it works great, thanks. I've also got one of your performance chips installed and I'll be installing a new catalytic converter with a lot less backpressure, then that'll be as far as I go on performance modifications. Anyway, so far I like your products, they've worked well for me. Cheers, Jim Whalen

From Jim Whalen after fitting the ProMAX Performance Chip to his Porsche 944S2 in an e-mail dated 20/09/06: By the way, your performance chip was a very nice addition to the car, it runs much more smoothly now. Good product. Thanks. Jim Whalen

From Alf Lonngren after fitting the ProMAX Power 1 Kit & Chip to his Porsche 944S in an e-mail dated 18/09/06: I have now driven my 944S about a month with the Your Powerkit 1 with Performance chip, Plugs and Air Filter installed in the car. I can tell You, I am 100 % satisfied. The car is much moore easy to drive, I do not have to use the gearshift all the time in city traffic and the best of all I have more torque and the car is much moore quicker. So all 944S drivers should buy this performance chip, good performance to a low cost and easy to install. Best Regards, Alf Lönngren, Uddevalla, Sweden

From Thomas Forgue after fitting the ProMAX Performance Chip to his Porsche 944S2 in an e-mail dated 07/07/06: Your chip seems, as you promised, a step better. There seems to be more power and the acceleration is more linear. So I appreciate you letting me try your chip and will put my feelings on the Rennlist forum. Thanks Again. Tom

From Stephen Mallinson after fitting the ProMAX Performance Chip to his Porsche 944S in an e-mail dated 01/07/06: I fitted this chip to my S last week and it has made very noticeable difference - more willing at low revs, and very agile - definitely worth the time and money. Thanks! Steve

From Ed Rodriguez after fitting the ProMAX Performance Chip to his Porsche 968 Tiptronic in an e-mail dated 21/04/06: The chip arrived yesterday and the results are amazing. Power delivery is so much smoother that it feels as if a new motor has been installed. I always drive in manual shift mode and I found myself being able to shift into higher gears more comfortably than before. You've accomplished what Porsche should have in the first place. Thank you.

From Robert Spratley after Tracking & Alignment to his 2003 996 GT3 Mk2 in an e-mail dated 02/04/06: Roger was right about the anti roll bar settings. Big improvement, hit a hole with the front wheel and it no longer makes the car jump sideways, I was even driving in holes on purpose. Bringing my car to you has been a pleasant experience. All the best, and thanks again.

From Kevin Grivich after fitting the SciVision MAF Kit & Chipset to his Porsche 944 Turbo in a Rennlist post dated 28/03/06: It's as fast as my Autothority set up, but smoother with better stallls and smooth idle. I'm very happy with my purchase and service received from Promax!

From Cris Wedekind after fitting the SciVision MAF Kit & Chipset to his Porsche 944 Turbo in a Rennlist post dated 24/03/06: Just installed mine yesterday. I cound not beleive the difference. Smooth torque & power throughout. Rather easy install. Just one hick-up, put in the DME chip set backwards. Tried to start, no luck. Reread instructions and troubleshooting section, and all was OK. Havent dyno'ed yet. I'd recommend it so for. Regards, Cris.

From Keith Strudwick after fitting the ProMAX Power Kit to his 1989 944 2.7 Lux in an e-mail dated 19/03/06: Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the very excellent service I received this morning from your service unit in Brackley. Both guys, (Roger and Andy?) could not have been more helpful. Their work was done to time and in a very efficient manner. And the tea was excellent!! The result? Well on the journey home, I'm sure the 2.7 seems to have more flexibility and rev. more freely. All in all, a decided improvement. Now to start saving for your 'big black brake' upgrade!!! Once again, many thanks.

From Paul Ray Johnson after fitting the ProMAX Level 2 & MAF Kit to his 1989 944 Turbo M030 in an e-mail dated 19/03/06: The car is transformed! Not only is the power increase very noticeable, it's there so much earlier and is consistent across the range. It honestly feels like I'm driving a different car, as the whole driving experience has been enhanced, so money very well spent.

From Ian Lockey after fitting the ProMAX Level 4 Kit to his 1988 944 Turbo in an e-mail dated 19/03/06: I would recommend the above proMAX kit to anyone with a 951.With an estimated 370bhp and 370lb/ft my 18 year old Porsche has been brought up to 21st century technology with a bang! The car is smooth in town traffic with no flat spots or hesitation...put your foot on the loud pedal and WOW! There is hardly any turbo lag and it pulls like a train all the way to the red line in every gear with no tail off in boost! With 'plug and play' there is no messing around and the installation is almost stealth in appearance-Amazing! A big thankyou to Andrew and all at ProMAX!

From Georges Rouhart after fitting the ProMAX 7100A Chip to his 968 Coupe in an e-mail dated 04/03/06: The chip arrived. It's in the car and going to stay there. Thank you for improving my car. Instant addiction over 4000 K RPM. Yes, yes... yes.

From Efren Casamina after fitting the SciVision MAF kit to his 1988 944 Turbo in an e-mail dated 22/02/06: My MAF is working great. I've taken it for a spin all weekend. Freeway runs, stop and go traffic, it is great. I've finally have it the way I've wanted it. I am due for my Smog inspection for registration renewal. If this passes that test I'm sure you'll have several from Caifornia that will want your system. Several have already e-mailed me to keep them posted on my Smog test results (BTW, it passed both visual and smog on 26/02/06!).

From Chris Bone after Servicing and Repairs to his 1990 928 GT in an e-mail dated 18/02/06: I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the Promax team at the Brackley workshop! I picked up my 928 GT this morning after a week with Roger and Andy and I am still wiping the stupid grin off my face after the drive home. The guys were complete pro’s, found a solution to every problem I had on the shark, and boy did it have a few problems. I also had the Performance Chips fitted and wow, much smoother power delivery and I am sure it feels like it has a few extra horses kicking away under that long nose. The car feels 10 years younger and so do I. And the price was actually quite reasonable for all the work done. Even my wife told me that it was money well spent! Thanks again and please pass this on to Roger and Andy.

From Jason Latham after fitting ProMAX Level 2 and SPEC 2 Clutch to his 1989 944 Turbo in an e-mail dated 01/02/06: I received the car back last night and took her out for a spin - what a difference! I am really pleased. The clutch wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and seem to have got to grips with it already.

From Stuart Curtis after fitting a ProMAX Level 2 kit to his 1989 944 Turbo M030 in an e-mail dated 06/01/06: Just had my 944 Turbo 1989 with 150,000 miles, on a local rolling road. After fitting your Level 2 performance kit + Ultra X plugs , it showed 296bhp and 306 lbs.ft torque, very pleased for a high miler. It's almost dangerously fast, and the turbo lag is much less obvious, no more embarrassing moments when you pull onto a round about and find you've got no boost. The technician was very impressed with the whole setup and the smoothness of the power and torque curves.

From Paul Ray-Johnson after Servicing and Repairs to his 1989 944 Turbo M030 in an e-mail dated 20/12/05: I was really pleased with everything. Roger was really helpful throughout and didn't try to force me down any particularly route with regard to sorting the bits and pieces that needed doing. He very much left it to me and made sure I was aware of how much labour would be required etc... and phoned me with updates on a regular basis. I just had the sense that the car was being looked after as I'd hope and expect and being shown the bits that were replaced as evidence of their need to be changed was reassuring too. A courtesy car of that class is also a nice touch, as is the wash that it was given.

From Mark Koeberle on 11/12/05 after the fitment of additional Performance Parts to his 1990 944 Turbo [Titanic e-mail]: Speak to Andrew at Promax, he really does know 944 Turbos. Cannot recommend Promax highly enough, the level of care that will be shown to your car will astound you. When I picked mine up it was spotlessly clean and everything installed to perfection and much quicker!

From Keith Yim after the fitment of a ProMAX Performance Chip to his Porsche 968 CS in an e-mail dated 02/11/2005. My 1992 150.000 Km, dealer maintained totally original condition 968 (except for the "chip") achieved the following on a Dynojet 248C dyno: +22bhp and +27Nm. What an improvement!

From Mark Dalton after the fitment of a LR Super 61 Turbo to his Porsche 944 Turbo in an e-mail dated 11/07/2005. WOW! With DPW / LR Super 61 Turbo / ProMAX chips and some hoses that don't leak, it is transformed further :) Still a few more tweaks to go, but very pleased with the progress so far. The way the turbo now spools up in 3rd/4th is great.

From David Stannard after the fitment of a ProMAX Performance Chip for his Porsche 944 2.7 in an e-mail dated 09/07/2005. I read on a web site that it was a waste of time trying to improve the performance of the 8v 944 with chips etc. How wrong they are. After recently fitting a Promax chip I can only recommend them to any 944 owner. Together with an induction kit and sports exhaust which were already fitted, the chip has put the icing on the cake. I noticed an improvement immediately, more responsive and smoother. Bargain!

From Jason Litchfield after the fitment of a ProMAX Performance Chip for his Porsche 928S2 in an e-mail dated 10/06/2005. The car feels smoother and more responsive throughout the rev range, but above 3000 revs the car flies. With these chips in the car it responds to the throttle more progressively, so the car continues pulling through this rev range, fast or slow no matter which angle the pedals at. It also sounds better too, hard to say how, but racier without being louder. I totally recommend upgrading your chips to the ProMAX ones, it’s the best improvement I’ve ever made to a car for that cheap a price.

From Alan Bird after the fitment of a ProMAX Performance Chip for his Porsche 911 3.2 Carerra in a letter dated 02/06/2005. Chip has made a marked difference all through mid range. Car is a lot more driveable as a result.

From Pete Murray after the fitment of a ProMAX Performance Chip [type 7100R] for his Porsche 968CS in a 968UK forum message dated 22/02/2005. Initial impressions are good, greater flexibility and improved responsiveness across the rev range, generally smoother pretty much consistent with every one else's experience. So a big thank you to Stu ( and Andrew for being for so supportive and helpful, that kind of performance is a lot rarer than it should be.

From Don Campbell after the fitment of a ProMAX Performance Chip [type 7700RT] for his Porsche 968CS in an e-mail dated 21/02/2005. Pull away was smooth and positive with a feeling of increased low down torque. Once warmed up the engine revved easily with a feeling that better fuelling was increasing mid range torque and top end power. The engine revved easily to 7000rpm with stronger power delivery from 5500-7000rpm. The engine feels nicer in that it is smoother. Overall a nice chip!

From Graham Hodgson-Jones after the fitment of a Ultra-X Plugs to his Porsche 928S2 in an e-mail dated 19/02/2005. Just a note to say thank you for your time and technical input on 928's. The BERU plugs you supplied are excellent - smooth running and a discernable improvement in pick up below 3000 rpm. Looking forward to further 928 developments. Keep up the good work.

From Alan Halman after the fitment of a ProMAX Level 1 Kit for his Porsche 1987 944 Turbo in an e-mail dated 05/02/2005. 'I cannot fault Andrew with his ProMAX products as the figures speak for themselves (even the DYNO tester was impressed with the torque curve) I thoroughly condone Andrew's products and his help and knowledge in problems encountered whilst fitting is excellent. Anyone dismissing Andrew's products as just another bolt on, in my opinion are fools for not giving them a chance! As Nike say "JUST DO IT!". After all its only money and pound for pound these are by far the best tuning kits for Porsche cars on the market today.' Alan achieved 281.4bhp and 325.5lbft torque when his 1987 220 car was DYNO tested on 04/02/2005.

From Don Raymond in Massachusetts, USA after the fitment of a ProMAX Performance Chip for his Porsche 968 in an e-mail dated 03/02/2005. 'I must say, your product performed flawlessly. I am very happy with the results. No CEL issues, the engine runs smoother and it now has the extra power that it seemed to have been lacking. I will highly recommend your company and enjoy working with someone with such a professional manner. We need more people like you on this side of the "pond." Feel free to use my recommendation. Thanks.'

From Kenny Bradley after ProMAX Motorsport sold his 1991 944 Turbo using the Sale or Return service. From an e-mail dated 18/01/2005. 'Once again I would like to say thank you very much for an excellent service. I was a little nervous about leaving my car with a complete stranger, especially when I live so far away, But as soon as we met I knew I had nothing to worry about. I am very impressed with the friendly, professional service. It really does take all the hassle out of selling a car. 11% commission is very reasonable too. Thanks again, Kenny.'

From Paul Lacey after the fitment of ProMAX Performance Chips for his 1985 928S2 in an e-mail dated 18/01/2005. 'I can very happily report that I am more than pleased with the results. My usual 928 induced grin is now even wider and I have no hesitation in endorsing these chips. The midrange is much much better than before and my speeds became illegal with alarming suddenness. It even sounds different.'

From Philip Withers after the fitment of a ProMAX Level 2 Kit and High Performance Ignition Kit for his 944 Turbo in a letter dated 14/12/2004. 'I am delighted at how my 944 Turbo has turned out. It is now truly a quick motor car. The engine improvement and upgrades have transformed it. Thank you for your input and advice.'

From Philip Milner, after the fitment of a ProMAX Performance Chip for his 944S 16v in an e-mail dated 30/11/2004. 'I thought I would let any of you with a 944S know how the car now drives (with the chip fitted). Below 4000rpm the car always felt like it needed a bit more torque and at about 4000rpm you could feel an increase in power come in. Now the car certainly has a lot more low down torque and feels more lively, the acceleration is more progressive now when flooring it. A quick blast up the A1, and the car was pulling really strongly in all gears. It's definitely a worthwhile modification!'

From Richard Ling-Williams located in Bromley, after the fitment of a ProMAX Motorsport Performance Chip for his 964 Carrera in a letter dated 14/11/2004. 'I have had the chip in the car for a couple of weeks now and, overall, I am very pleased with it. The car certainly accelerates more quickly with markedly better throttle response. It is also more tractable at low speed and is much happier crawling along in a high gear.'

From David Wilkinson located in Milton Keynes, after the fitment of a ProMAX Motorsport Performance Chip for his 964 Carrera 4 in an e-mail dated 21/10/2004. 'Once warmed up and with some confidence that things seemed to be working well I gave the car some more ambitious exercise and I was pretty impressed. It was definitely livelier than before, particularly above 3000 rpm (as was expected)... Overall, my initial feelings are that it seems a worthy mod for 150 notes and I suspect the benefits are as good if not better than some offer for considerably more money. Given that ANY chip change on a normally aspirated car is not going to set the World alight I think it seems good value on a pounds per smile basis.'

From Stephen Zarodnansky in Trenton, NJ (USA) after the fitment of a ProMAX Motorsport Performance Chip (replacing his Autothority version) for his 1994 968 Cabriolet in an e-mail dated 11/10/2004. 'I pulled out the Autothority and put in the ProMAX. The immediate difference is the lower revs - which pulled harder than the autothority. As I hit and passed 3,000rpm there was a distinct difference. It pulled harder up to 6k... The power in these cars is really in the 3,000rpm to 5,500rpm range, so that's to be expected. I do have a cone air filter and a higher flow exhaust and from what I understand the ProMAX chip is made to work with those mods. It did so very well, better than the Autothority... One more note, the instructions that came with the chip were fantastic. I had already performed the procedure once, but the instructions are clear enough that a first timer could do it in 15 min. Steve'

From Keith Waller after the fitment of a ProMAX Motorsport Performance Chip for his 1986 944 Lux Auto in an e-mail dated 30/09/2004. 'The ProMAX Chip combined with the K&N filter is a very 'civilised' way to substantially increase power and torque. There is increased responsiveness from the gearbox, with a smoother transition to the middle range of revs i.e. 3500 at 70mph. The engine was actually quieter ...the ProMAX solution is totally smooth too.'

From Kyri Nicholas after the fitment of a ProMAX Motorsport Performance Chip for his 1991 944S2 Cabriolet in an e-mail dated 25/09/2004. 'The drive home was spectacular. At lower revs there was more torque and the car felt much more eager and responsive. It also pulls better throughout the rev range and there is now a new dimension to second and third gear. I think this is the best ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 100 pounds I have spent on any car and, yes, I have had a few!'

From Gary of MTA Welding Supplies after the fitment of a ProMAX Motorsport Performance Chip for his 968 Coupe in an e-mail dated 16/09/2004. 'I have fitted your ProMAX 968 chip and have been most impressed how smooth the car now is. On the original chip I found there was a definite blip half way through the range but with the ProMAX chip it has made the acceleration much smoother and much more fun to drive. Regards Gary'

From David Lippett after the fitment of a ProMAX Motorsport Performance Chip for his 968 Sport in an e-mail dated 26/08/2004. 'The car is far more eager to rev highly and feels faster as a result. It feels like it pulls a lot more consistently once above 3500 rather than feeling the variocam kick in then the power dropping away a bit once into the upper rev range. It was nice to be able to hang onto gears a little longer. Overall I am impressed with the way the car now goes and would recommend this chip to other owners'

From Paul Follet after the fitment of a ProMAX Motorsport Performance Chip for his 1992 968 Coupe from the PCGB forum dated 22/08/2004. 'Pick up in the 3000 to 5000 rev range seems much smoother and when doing normal road use, there is a sense of more torque and faster power delivery. On the track I tend to keep the revs over 5000 rpm. This new chip has raised the limiter from about 6550 to 6950 according to my tacho. I am confident of the condition of my engine (thanks to Hartech) and am happy for it to rev to around 6500 for short periods -- it sounds good and very willing. Before the change the 6550 limit was a problem with some corners & gear changes but now I can use 6500 more confidently than before. It has given me the effect of an 'extra third of a gear' '

From Derrick Brocklehurst after the fitment of a ProMAX Motorsport Performance Chip for his 1994 968 Club Sport in an e-mail dated 18/08/2004. 'I was immediately surprised at the better response I was getting. The engine seemed to be working more efficiently, getting through to the redline quicker, I noted the extra 300 rpm to 7,100 to the rev limiter. I was really impressed, from around the mid 3,500 rpm the engine pulled quicker and stronger than before, the extra torque push at approx. 4,300 rpm seemed to be missing but instead replaced with a better, smoother, stronger pull from lower down right through to redline. The action of the rev limiter also seemed to be different to before.'

From Jason Podmore after the fitment of a ProMAX Motorsport Performance Chip for his 1994 968 Club Sport in an e-mail dated 11/08/2004. 'From 3500/3700 rpm the car pulls more smoothly and with greater ease (advanced timing/fuelling?). Power/torque curve also smoothed out. There is a notable increase in performance during acceleration with the car ‘more willing’ and revving with greater ease. The power does not appear to start to drop off until about 6600/6700 – pulling from the 3500/3700 to the rev limit much better, more smoothly and with greater ease than before.' ...'higher up in the rev range the driveability is vastly improved – well worth it!'

After the fitment of a ProMAX Level 1a kit, Tim Moore wrote the following in an e-mail dated 16/04/2004: 'Much improved in so many ways but mainly she is sooooo much smoother. Pulls like a train in 4th and 5th and turbo lag has all but disappeared if the correct gear is selected. Needless to say I'm delighted and would be happy to act as a reference if any of your customers want some impartial advice.
Thanks so much, Tim.' 1986 944 Turbo

Again from Tim Moore after taking his newly ProMAX'ed 220 Turbo to a dyno on 24/03/2004: 'Just got back from the power run and am very pleased with the results. The Dyno only went up to 250 BHP and the car went well past that, the operator says in his best conservative estimate the car is putting out about 275 to 280 bhp at the flywheel which is absolutely fantastic also the torque was up to around 310 lbft.

I realise figures are not everything and there's probably room for error there but that's certainly exceeded my expectations I would have been more than happy with 250 bhp. There was a marked power drop off at 4000 RPM which I'm attributing to the waste gate which still needs shimming so I'll get that done and then try to find a Dyno that can cope with a bit more power.' 1986 944 Turbo

Titanic e-mail from Mark Koeberle on 27/05/2004 after the fitment of a ProMAX Level 2 Kit. 'Anyone thinking whether or not to go for the DPW and ProMAX chips set-up, these are my personal unbiased thoughts. My car is now so much FUN the power is so much more progressive and powerful than the AMD set-up I had ,the AMD rebuilt wastegate I had let the power come in with a violent blip, now with the DPW it comes in more progressively and strongly holds boost up the rev range, it is brilliant fun now and has transformed the car. I swear the thing uses less oil also with the Royal Purple??? Just came back from Graham Goode who have done a final fix on my in-car boost gauge and manual controller, and the thing flies. Just wanted to share my joy with the group!!!!

Thanks for some brilliant products and all the help and advice Andrew! Cheers all MarkK' 1990 944 Turbo

Also from Mark Koeberle on 30/05/04 in a Titanic e-mail: 'Andrew S is a top guy and I would thoroughly recommend his products, he is always willing and eager to answer questions and is VERY knowledgeable about 944 Turbos.' 1990 944 Turbo

From Terry Benge on 16/05/2004 after fitting a ProMAX Level 1a Kit: 'Got my 1a kit installed today with the ProMAX induction induction kit and tune up kit. Much easier install that I thought it would be. Not installed the WG shims yet but mid range acceleration is fantastic! Just had a race with a Escort RS Turbo and left him with egg on his face. Idle is a little rough though - anyone had this problem? - normal revving is fine. Also I'm running on normal unleaded. I've also bought some of Andrews Royal Purple oil so I'll change that during the week too. I'm all ready now for our rolling road session in Northampton. Terry' 1991 944 Turbo Cabriolet

From James O'Leary on 21/04/2004 after fitting a ProMAX Level 1a Kit:
'I've just had a proper drive in mine since fitting the ProMAX level 1a and it scared me to death (its wet and im a woos) I've wound the boost down but im still getting 17 psi, I know this is accurate (fitted proper boost gauge) I "had a go" at my mates 993C4, there was no way his car was faster, I would go as far as to say in a straight line I would have passed him (his car has been on the dyno and recorded 285 BHP ) I have no idea what power I'm putting out but it feels a lot quicker than before I fitted the kit, lag is less and the biggest improvement is after 3000 rpm it just takes off, it also holds the boost to at least 5500 rpm before it starts to back off! Before you could feel the wastegate open. I have to say for the measly amount I paid I didn't expect this kind of result, if there is anyone thinking about this, or the DPW upgrade, stop thinking about it and (as nike say) "just do it" i would also like to say a big thank you to A Sweetenham for all his help and advice.' 1989 944 Turbo

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