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BERU Ultra-X High Performance Spark Plugs for 928 V8 - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 38.95  

X-tremely powerful. X-tremely dependable. X-tremely reliable: For x-treme demands: Beru Ultra-X the air-surface discharge spark plug with nickel sheathed copper core and 4 ground electrodes arranged in pairs.
  • Double ignition reliability due to air-surface discharge technology Sparking improved by four earth electrodes arranged in pairs in an X-shape.
  • Optimal combustion due to protruding spark position
  • Self-cleaning function due to variable sparking paths
  • Ideal operating temperature reached quickly due to conical insulator nose
  • Pollutant emissions minimised and catalytic converter protected due to effective combustion
  • Due to resistance to electrode erosion and interference suppression resistor
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The air-surface discharge spark plug with nickel sheathed copper core and 4 ground electrodes arranged in pairs in the form of an X provide maximum ignition reliability in all operating situations. The multifunction principle for optimal ignition reliability: various principles of operation are available for the formation of the sparking path air discharge, surface discharge and combined air-surface discharge. At the same time, the 4 ground electrodes are offset in height in pairs. On the left the path to one of the two lower electrodes can be seen, (surface discharge), on the right the two possibilities on one of the upper electrodes (air discharge and air-surface discharge). In this way there are six different paths for the ignition sparks.

If you're not using BERU Ultra-X, you're not going as fast as you could be!

Our Tip: Timely Spark Plug Replacement Pays for Itself! Spark plugs are subject to wear and must be regularly replaced. Otherwise there is a risk of incomplete combustion, increased fuel output and increased pollutant emissions as well as misfiring. Misfiring can result in unburned fuel reaching the catalytic converter. This can cause irreparable damage to the catalytic converter! (on cars equipped as such)

Other Pricing Info

Price is for a set of 8 plugs. The correct heat range for all 928 is UX79. Delivery Time: Next Day (Items in stock).

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