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ProMAX Level 4 Performance Kit - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 7999.95

  • ProMAX Motorsport - home to some of the most powerful 944 Turbo's in the UK announce the evolution Level 4 Kit! 441.9 bhp and 391.2 lbft (401.9 bhp and 334 lbft when tested at the WRC Silverstone Dyno Dynamics Facility).
  • Uprated Turbocharger, Intake, Stage 3 Cylinder Head and Customised exhaust system.
  • 3.0 Bar MAP Sensor with specially adapted and integrated MAP system.
  • Only available to order and exclusively fitted by ProMAX Motorsport in the UK at the Milton Keynes Performance & Service Centre.
  • Guaranteed 400+ bhp (NOTE: subject to your car being in suitable condition to start with) Click here to view a larger picture.
ProMAX Level 3 Performance Kit - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 7999.95  
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Designed to provide a typical genuine dyno verified improvement in engine power of +180bhp and +100 to 140 lbft torque!. That's over 400bhp! with over 350lbft torque typically being achieved on engines with good compression and minimal leak down.

IMPORTANT: Warning - Fitting this kit will make your car seriously fast. Your car must be in good shape and all components that need to be removed must be serviceable and useable. An uprated clutch and suitable brakes may be required also.

NOTE: Not available for DIY fitting. Fitting can only be arranged at ProMAX Motorsport. Includes Dyno verified installation (with before and after measurement of your car's power and torque). If your engine is in good shape and makes at least 135psi compression per cylinder - we guarantee you 400+ bhp!

Your car is custom mapped to deliver the ultimate in performance - not only to maximise the solution fitted and deliver maximum power, but also to provide a sublime and rewarding driving experience for the road. Drivability, tractabililty and instant acceleration are features of the ProMAX Level 4 Performance Kit. Nothing else in the UK delivers such phenomonal power at such a reasonable price!

If you are considering this conversion, it is recommended that you call ProMAX Motorsport to discuss. Price assumes all your orignial parts are useable. Your original cylinder head, turbo, wastegate and intake are required as exchange components. It is recommended also that you fit high performance tyres if not already fitted (Pirelli P-Zero Corsa or Michelin Pilot Cup Sport are examples).

Only ProMAX Motorsport can guarantee to deliver you 400+bhp reliably and without any major surgery to your engine!

Other Pricing Info

NOTE: All exchange parts are retained.

NOTE: Available fitted only, includes fitting by ProMAX Motorsport

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