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ProMAX Level 2 Performance Kit - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 799.00

  • For those wanting to build even more performance into their car - the Stage 2 kit utilises the ProMAX Dual Port Wastegate and Manual Boost Controller to ensure strong and consistent boost all the way to the red line - with minimal lag.
  • Designed to provide a typical improvement in engine power of +50 to 70 bhp and +60 to 90 lbft torque!. That's over 300bhp! with 330lbft torque typically being achieved on K26/8 equipped 951 models (Turbo 1988-1991).
  • Adjustable boost with Manual Boost Controller for easy boost control and Bosch 3.0 bar Fuel Pressure Regulator.
  • Includes what are considered to be the best off the shelf chip solutions for 951, the ProMAX Motorsport DME/KLR combination ensure you have the optimal air-fuel ratio with specific corrections to ensure safe and reliable performance.
  • Replacement Bailey Motorsport DV30 Bypass Valve removing the chance of losing valuable boost through the standard factory item.
  • Fitting time is about 2.5 - 3 hours. Click here to view a larger picture.
ProMAX Level 2 Performance Kit - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 799.00  
::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 799.00

This kit offers excellent value for money delivering excellent bhp/::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 and eliminating issues caused by your car's tired wastegate (which is replaced). The kit is easy to fit, with full UK instructions and UK based support. NOW with new optimised UK/Euro chips for DPW with up to 1.2 bar boost!

The ProMAX Motorsport chips (ECU EPROMS) have been programmed with future upgrades in mind. Fuel-settings are selectable for 34.5lb/hr standard injectors as well as 55lb/hr aftermarket injectors with a click of the FQS switch. No fuel-map corrections or fuel-pressure adjustments will be required to use different injectors later.

Extra safety features have been incorporated into these chips to ensure the durability of your car under increased boost as well. A pre-emptive ignition-retard is used based upon air temperatures. If air temperatures exceed a pre-set safe level due to hot weather, ignition-timing will be retarded to prevent catastrophic failures. The recommended boost for this installation is up to 1.2 bar maximum (18psi). Standard boost on the 944 Turbo is 0.70 to 0.82 bar. This feature has allowed the advancement of ignition timing to extract extra low-end torque & response - this also contributes further to reduced turbo-lag.

Other Pricing Info

Wastegate Core Charge - refundable on return of your standard 951 KKK Wastegate is ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 300.

Delivery Time: Next Day Delivery (items in stock)

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