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ProMAX Level 1 Performance Kit - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 306.50

  • This kit is a great value upgrade for all standard 944 Turbo models.
  • A reasonably-priced upgrade for those with stock cars who want a significant boost in speed without at low cost.
  • This kit allows you to raise your 951's stock boost level from around 0.7-0.8 bar to 1.2 bar. The Boost Controller helps enhance boost and also contributes to raising the standard boost level.
  • Instead of a gentle roll-on of boost down low and a gradual roll-off in the high-RPMs, you'll get instant boost and hold it all the way to redline!
  • You can expect to drop 0.5-seconds off your 0-60 and even more on circuit lap times. Increases top speed by about 8-10mph. Expect +35bhp and +50lbft torque. See the Dyno Results of other customer cars here.
Level 1 Performance Kit - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 306.50  
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NOTE: Please specify year of car when ordering. The ProMAX custom-programmed chips, along with a 3-bar fuel-pressure regulator ensures you have the most optimal (and safest) air-fuel ratio across the full RPM range. ProMAX have incorporated specific corrections developed from analysing other aftermarket chips. The result being the safest and most effective solution short of a custom re-map.

Even with the standard 951, there is lots of extra power and torque to be found just by getting an absolute optimal map on the DME and KLR chips in the 951's twin Bosch Motronic ECU. With this kit you'll get maximum power and safety right out of the box. The kit is easy to fit by any competent installer or DIY home mechanic. No special tools are required.

Additionally, the ProMAX chips allow your car to idle cleanly without an overly-rich mixture (you'll actually pass emissions!). You won't have a lean spot from 1200-2000rpm that causes stumbling as you come off idle. And most importantly, the dangerously lean tendency at high-RPMs under full-throttle has been eliminated.

Extra safety features have been incorporated into these chips to ensure the durability of your car under higher-than-standard boost as well. A pre-emptive ignition-retard is used based upon air temperatures. If air temperatures exceed a pre-set safe level due to hot weather, ignition-timing will be retarded to prevent catastrophic failures.

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ProMAX Level 1 Performance Kit: ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 306.50 inc.

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