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ProMAX Power Kit for 944 2.5/2.7 & 944S/S2 & 968 - from ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 169.95 (to ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 369.958)

  • You can expect to drop 0.5-seconds off your 0-60 and even more on circuit lap times. NOTE: Gains will vary from car to car. Power and torque gains +15bhp and +20lbft torque. Higher figures have been recorded on some cars. Power gains are subject to the condition of the car's engine and other performance governing aspects of your car.
  • Picture (above) shows the components of the ProMAX Power 1CAT Kit (for 944S2 Cat equipped models only).

  • A reasonably-priced upgrade for those with standard cars who want a very useable increase in performance without resorting to any major surgery. NOTE: This conversion (1CAT) is for the 944S2 catalytic converter equipped models only.
  • The kit includes a JanSpeed co-developed Stainless Steel Cat-Bypass pipe that fits in place of the vehicles catalytic converter (not mandatory of pre '93 cars).
  • This kit allows you to raise your 944S2 maximum power rating from 211bhp to 226+bhp (NOTE: all cars will vary - remember these cars are almost 2 decades old and power gains can not be guaranteed). The combination of greatly improved airflow, more efficient exhaust flow and a greatly improved ECU DME Chip improves both torque and power.
  • See the Dyno Results of other customer cars here.
ProMAX Power Kit - S2 Cat - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 369.958  

  • Picture (left) shows the components of the ProMAX Power 1 Kit for the 944 2.5/2.7 & S/S2 Models.
  • The ProMAX Performance chip along with a K&N PowerFlow Panel Air Filter ensures you have the most optimal (and safest) air-fuel ratio across the full RPM range. The result being the safest and most effective solution short of a custom re-map.
  • Designed for all 944 normally aspirated models that do not have a catalytic converter - this kit will liberate more power and torque; improve fuel consumption during moderate driving and provide a performance increase from 10-30+ bhp (different cars & models will achieve varying results).
  • Instant torque from just 2,000 rpm. Very smooth and progressive torque step with increased rev limit.
  • With these kits you'll get maximum power and safety right out of the box. The kits are easy to fit by any competent installer or DIY home mechanic. No special tools are required.
ProMAX Power Kit - Lux/S/S2/968 - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 169.95  
from ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 169.95 (to ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 369.958)

At last, a well researched and developed performance solutions for owners of the 944 normally aspirated models. the simple addition of a ProMAX Performance Chip and Panel Air Filter will liberate a useful power and torque increase for your car.

If you have the 944S2 with catalytic converter - use the 1CAT kit to liberate even more power. We have achieved Turbo like power from these cars with overall performance better than a standard 1986-1988 944 Turbo (220bhp). Not only that, but torque comes on strong from 2,000rpm!

Easy to fit, you can fit the chip in less than 30 minutes and the filter takes only 5 minutes (2.5/2.7) and about 30 minutes for the 944S/S2. Fitting the Cat-Bypass will take about 1 hour. Please specify for which model if ordering the Level 1 for 944 2.5/2.7 or S/S2 (no Catalytic Converter).

Great value and easy to fit - a real performance benefit to any normally aspirated 944. NOTE: Version also available for 968 too!

Other Pricing Info

2 types of 944 ProMAX Power kit are available. The level 1CAT uses Cat-Bypass pipe to de-restrict the exhaust system. We have achieved the best power gains with the 944S2 models that originally had a catalytic converter. Level 1 is Panel Filter and Chip only - the exhaust is not offering any significant restriction on these cars.

ProMAX Level 1CAT Power Kit:   ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 369.958 inc.
ProMAX Level 1 Power Kit: ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 169.95 inc.

Delivery Time: Next day (item in stock)

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ProMAX Power Kit - S2 Cat
ProMAX Power Kit - 2.5/2.7 & S/S2 Non-Cat
from ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 169.95 (to ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 369.958)