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951 Intercoolers - Stage 1 ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 499.95  
    - Stage 2 ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 587.19  
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ProMAX Motorsport Intercooler Pictured
Considerable testing and technical evaluation have determined that the stock 951 intercooler has serious restrictions built into its factory design.

ProMAX Motorsport can now supply you with a solution based on the original 951 intercooler that is extensively modified providing a noticeable increase in air flow rate with greater cooling efficiency.

No modifications to the body structure are necessary, the headlight system is retained - as is the Air Conditioning and there is no blockage of the air supplied to the radiator. This is an affordable option available to every 951 owner! The more your car is modified, the more you need a ProMAX Motorsport intercooler.

Standard (top) Stage 1 (centre) Stage 2 (bottom) intercoolers. The modifications performed in the Stage I upgrade corrects major restrictions in the factory unit resulting in an 18% (205CFM to 248CFM @ 28" of water column) increase in the flow rate resulting in quicker spool up of the turbocharger and better throttle response. This is accomplished by replacing the tank on the inlet (left) side of the intercoolers shown (click on photo). 75% of the gain from modifying the stock intercooler comes from the Stage 1 upgrade! We recommend our Stage I Intercooler for use on stock cars to ones with moderate modifications. Both Stage 1 & 2 modifications improve the dispersion of the air through the cooling tubes resulting in more efficient cooling of intake charge air by a 20 degrees reduction in inlet temperature. Cooler intake air equals additional HP. Reduced restriction mean more air/fuel to the cylinders equalling additional HP.

The Stage 2 modification corrects remaining restrictions and is recommended for more modified or racing engines requiring maximum flow. The percentage of CFM improvement is even greater. This is accomplished by removal of the outlet (right) side tank and making many internal modifications which are not visible in the photo and some external modifications. These modifications are clearly visible once you have removed your stock unit and make a side by side comparison. To give you an idea of the enlargement... If you look inside the end of the outlet on the stock intercooler, you cannot see any of the core. On our modified Stage 2, you see 75% of the core. We recommend our Stage 2 Intercooler for modestly modified to all out race applications!

Both intercoolers will supply a wider power band and a reduction in Horse Power drop off at higher RPM's where you need the additional flow.

The ProMAX Motorsport intercoolers require only minor modifications to your car. You will be required to remove one factory-mounting tab, which can be done quickly and easily. Everything else remains completely standard on your 951. Other viable intercooler options available for the 951, require you to heavily modify your front unibody structure. Modifications more reserved for dedicated track cars. This is not the case with these units. Installs easily in under two hours and can be done by anyone with basic mechanical knowledge and a few tools.

We recommend the Stage I Intercooler for the following:
Stock 2.5 litre engines to engines using air cleaner upgrades, performance chip sets, Boost Enhancer, exhaust modifications.

We recommend the Stage II for the following:
2.5 to 3 litre engines using Mass AirFlow systems, ProMAX Boost Enhancer or Wastegate, larger turbo's, ported heads, cams's and larger exhaust.

Test data from July 1, 2000 comparing pressure drop and temperature drop between stock intercooler vs. the Stage I and Stage II intercooler modification (test perfomed by Lindsey Racing). Pressure drop is measured in psi and temperature drop is in Fahrenheit. Pressure drop was measured using a Dwyer Instruments Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge model 102022-00 (range 0-2 psi). Temperature drop was measured with the Lindsey Racing Digital LED Intercooler Temperature Gauge. Tests were performed on a 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S(952). Car is standard except for Autothority Stage II chip set. Pressure drops were measured at 6,000 rpm in 3rd gear under full boost. Temperature drops were measured after run up from 2,000 rpm in 2nd gear at 4,000 in 4th gear under full boost.

STOCK 1.35 251 109 -142
STAGE 1 1.35 268 98.5 -169.5
STAGE 2 1.20 263.5 112 -151.5

Other Pricing Info

ProMAX Stage 1 Intercooler: ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 499.95 inc.
ProMAX Stage 2 Intercooler: ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 587.19 inc.
Core Deposit: ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 300.00 (if original Intercooler not sent first - refunded immediately on receipt of original Intercooler)
Delivery Time: 14 days approximately (items not usually in stock, special order only)

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Stage 1 Intercooler
Stage 2 Intercooler
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