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Fuel Injectors are one of the most important components of your car's engine. Maintaining correct Air/Fuel ratios is critical to avoid detonation at high boost, not to mention the associated head gasket failures. The standard injectors (rated at 34.6lb/hr) are only suitable for up to 1.2 bar of boost using the car's standard AFM or 1.05bar when using the ProMAX evel 3 & 4 Performance Kits. All our performance kits have settings to use 55lb/hr injectors enabling high boost to be handled safely as correct Air/Fuel ratios can be maintained all the way through to peak RPM.

The standard Porsche 951 Bosch 34.6-lb/hr injectors typically run into their 100% duty-cycle limit at around 260-280 rear wheel hp. It is possible to get more fuel delivery by turning up the fuel-pressure, but that can only do so much. Due to the rising-pressure regulator used in these cars, you quickly run into injector lock-up and inconsistent metering at high fuel-pressures (not to mention messing up your idle). NOTE: A safe and effective step is the 3.0-bar FPR used in our Level 1-4 Performance Upgrade Kits (2.5-bar is stock). This is good for a 9% increase in total fuel-flow volume for 270-290rwhp.

For the 944 Turbo - but can be used other models using Bosch Motronic injection.

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The Injectors have the following features:

Application: Increased rate fuel injectors are often required with bigger turbochargers, increased capacity or increased air-flow (such as with the MAP kits). These injectors do NOT require ballast resitors to provide correct impedence for your ECU (as shown in picture).

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