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Any time you improve and increase air flow in your engine, whether through intake or exhaust improvements, it is likely you will also need to increase fuel flow. The Bosch 3.0 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator will give you a useful 9% increase in fuel flow without resorting to larger injectors or a more expensive fully adjustable unit.

The Bosch 3.0 bar regulator is included with all ProMAX Performance kits and is a useful upgrade for any 944 Turbo with increased boost.

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The standard Fuel Pressure regulator is rated to 2.5 bar at idle. If additional performance is required (using the standard injectors), it is usually necessary to increase fuel pressure - especially if using higher boost. This is due to reaching the maximum capacity of the injectors at higher RPM - which would otherwise cause the engine to run lean (with too high an Air/ Fuel ratio). A Bosch 3.0 Bar FPR will increase fuel delivery by 9% and is good for up to 280 rear wheel bhp (330bhp).

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