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The Porsche 944 Turbo uses a plastic diaphragm type re-circulating bypass valve (or dump valve). The purpose of this valve is to release the boost pressure between gear changes back into the air inlet tract. This is to avoid turbo stall (as the pressurised air would otherwise have no where to go).

However, the original Bosch unit invariably leaks with age or when the boost pressure is increased. The net result is a reduction in boost pressure and increased turbo lag. Fitting a DV30 piston type valve resolves this issue as there is no diaphragm to worry about - it uses a sprung piston valve to keep the boost from leaking past the valve. The unit is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and can be had in an anodised black or polished finish. The unit is easy to fit and is a direct replacement for the original Bosch plastic part.

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The DV30 fits in place of the original Bosch unit and has 2 connections and one vacuum hose connection. On two sample cars where this device was fitted - both were making 1.0 bar boost with a gentle reduction in boost towards the redline. Once the DV30 was fitted, the boost had to be immediately re-calibrated as it would otherwise have risen to 1.5 bar - with no tail off at high RPM. Once the correct 1.0 bar setting was dialled back in (on DPW and MBC equipped cars) turbo lag was reduced and the car felt more sprightly with better in gear acceleration

Only a flat blade screwdriver or worm clip socket is required to fit the DV30 and it should take no more than 5 minutes. If you are increasing the performance of your 951 with either a Boost Enhancer or one of the ProMAX Performance Kits - fitting a DV30 is highly recommended. If your car has another performance solution that you have fitted before - adding a DV30 is likely to enhance that too.

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