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The ProMAX Breather Tank is a remote bolt on crank case breather kit for use on standard cars right through to full blown to race cars.
  • Venting the crank case back into the engine is great for emissions, but not for optimum performance. All serious race cars have separate catch cans for oil vapour. The reason for this is two fold:
  • Oil vapour does not burn. When your engine is pumping or inhaling oil vapour, it is displacing a certain percentage of air/fuel mixture. The more blow-by you have, the more air/fuel you’re displacing. This means you're not getting 100% air/fuel into the cylinders. Removing the crank case breather from the intake system will eliminate this problem.
  • Oil vapour reduces the octane rating of your fuel. Oil vapour causes problems in a naturally aspirated engine, but is twice as bad on a turbo charged one, where octane rating is critical. If you're running 98 RON octane pump fuel and injecting oil/air vapour into your combustion chamber along with your fuel, then you no longer have 98 RON octane fuel. How much is un-certain, but it may mean the difference between detonation and no detonation. Better safe then sorry.
Does this mean that a remote crank case breather can make HP? Does this mean that a remote crank case breather can help keep from blowing a head gasket? The answer to both questions is "YES"!

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The kit is a universal breather tank kit for the 944 (all models including N/A, S, S2 & Turbo). It comes with a 3" saddle clamp allowing you to bolt it to a location of your choice. This is suited to both race and road car applications (the inner front near side wing being a good location). The universal kit comes with 4' of purosil hose allowing installation almost anywhere. The drain system can be located remotely to aid convenient draining of the oil.

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