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Boxster Glass Window Soft-Top [1997-2002 Models]

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Complete replacement hood assembly with glass rear window. Can be fitted to all Boxster models for the 1997 - 2002 model years.
  • High Quality - Low Cost. Excellent value solution with inclusive fitting.
  • Available for Boxster 2.5, 2.7 and 3.2 S models prior to 2003 model year.
  • Integrated Glass rear window with demistor.
  • Professional fitting - ProMAX Motorsport are approved for fitting this quality British made product.
  • Your roof will fold in seconds without having to crease the old plastic rear window!
Perfect replacement for the unreliable and misty plastic rear screens. This revolutionary British made soft top replaces the complete outer skin with a mohair replacement cover that includes a heated glass rear window. Porsche redesigned the 2003 on cars to include a glass rear screen, as the earlier models were prone to cracking and becoming scratched. The genuine Porsche 2003 onwards glass window hood cannot be retro fitted to the earlier cars, as Porsche included an extra cross bar that gives the roof a different shape. By using this replacement roof, your car benefits from a glass heated rear window which eliminates the need to jump out of the car to crease the plastic screen to try to stop it cracking (as it does not always fold naturally in the middle during when the roof is lowered). NOTE: ProMAX Motorsport replace extra fitting parts when we fit the roof, so you get more than just the roof for the price! Fantastic value and exceptional convenience.

NOTE: please contact ProMAX Motorsport to arrange for fitting or for further details.

Other Info

Delivery Time: Please contact ProMAX Motorsport (usually 7 day turn around). Price does include fitting to your car. The following payment methods can be used: