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Belts & Rollers Kit

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The camshaft drive belt and balance shaft drive belts are both toothed poly belts that should be changed every 36,000 - 48,000 miles. It is recommended to update all the rollers and tensioner wheels are these will ensure the belts run smoothly and accurately

The kit contains all the items you need to complete this job at minimal cost. All parts are OEM with Bosch belts. Tensioner and Roller parts are made by Ruville. If you have noise from the front of your engine - it is possible that the bearings in these vital parts are worn. Replacement results in smooth quiet running and peace of mind too. The consequences of a broken cam belt are well known, hence this is an excellent preventative maintenance kit for any 968 model.

All 968 engines were fitted with an auto tensioner (for the cam belt). Please specify the correct kit for your car. NOTE: to tension camshaft and balance shaft drive belts it is recommended that you use the correct tensioning tool (or an approved alternative).

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