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Induction Kit with K&N F1 Filter

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The Air Filter box on the Porsche 944 Turbo gives inlet air a long way to travel before it reaches the Turbo. It also has a paper element that requires periodic replacement. On top of this, it also gets in the way of many maintenance items including the changing of the balance shaft and camshaft drive belts.

The K&N F1 Filter together with the Kokeln adapter is designed to replace the complete air box, improve filtration and reduce maintenance (the filter need never be replaced). The filter also improves power and torque by allowing more air into the engine for a given throttle opening. The standard paper element (when new) flows 508 CFM compared to the K&N F1 Superflow's 887 CFM - a 75% improvement. This is due partly to the increased surface area over the standard filter and special gauze and screen construction offering very little resistance to incoming air. Because of the reduced turbulence the increased air volume experiences when entering the filter - engine performance is increased. NOTE: All fittings included, adapter is now gold in colour.

The K&N F1 Superflow Air Filter is of advanced lightweight construction. K&N use premium quality oiled cotton gauze sandwiched between layers of wire screen. This special design permits very high flow rates, minimum restriction, maximum filtration and very long filter life. When dirty, simply wash, re-oil and install! The filter can be used for up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required. When extremely soiled, the filter should be cleaned with K&N (or similar) Filter cleaner, reverse flushed with water and then re-oiled. The oil (that is held in suspension by the cotton gauze) is an essential part of the filter media - and acts to stop even the smallest dirt particles from entering your engine.

The Kokeln Adapter ensures that you can fit the filter directly to the AFM (Air Flow Meter). It is designed to bolt directly to the AFM (at the end of the 'J' boot) and then allows the filter to clamp directly on. The space occupied by the Filter is as large as the area (previously occupied by the air box) allows.

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