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AccuBoost Adjustable Boost Controller

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Boost Enhancement Built In This controller greatly reduces turbo lag and as a result causes your boost to come on much earlier and achieve full boost at lower RPM. This results in full power much sooner, which in turn lowers your 0-60 and mile times. Boost feels VERY crisp and responsive.

Fully adjustable boost controller 0-30psi. This gives the user the freedom to custom tune the vehicle to their specific needs.

Boost Spike protection Completely eliminates boost spikes on or off throttle. Boost spikes can cause premature wear on the engine and hence make this feature a critical requirement for all boost controllers. We have been able to ensure spike free operation by careful fluid flow modelling of the interior mechanism and flow passages in the AccuBoost.

Boost adjustment in seconds WITHOUT hand tools Loosen the finger lock nut; adjust the boost by turning the knob and retighten the finger lock nut and you are done.

For the 944 Turbo - but can be used on any Turbo with a mechanically controlled Wastegate (including 911 Turbo, 924 Turbo and other manufacturers Turbo cars).

Adjust your boost on the side of the road in the dark in seconds. No more need for wrenches etc. during adjustment. Turn the knob clockwise for more boost and counter-clockwise for less. You can adjust the boost with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back. Who else can boast this feature?

Over-boost protection Should the adjustment knob ever break loose during operation, your car will NOT over boost. It will return automatically to your stock boost level, and you can continue to drive the vehicle safely. The AccuBoost has this fail-safe mechanism built in.

Extra light weight mechanism The regulating mechanism is extremely lightweight and robust, producing a consistent flat boost curve with fast rise to the set boost level. This ball spring mechanism with lapped seat is the fastest and most responsive around. The regulating mechanism has been modelled and tested using Finite Element Analysis to produce the fastest most durable system available today.

All Metal Construction The AccuBoost mechanism is all metal construction, made up of a combination of aluminium, hardened steel and 302 stainless steel. Several of our competitors use plastic components in their controllers. Plastic as we all know fails under high heat conditions.

The AccuBoost has been in testing for over 14 months in real world applications and has passed with flying colours.

The Cost The AccuBoost is competitively priced for all the features it offers. We believe in providing Porsche quality products, but not at Porsche prices. We feel that many of the products available for Porsche vehicles are overpriced to exploit the luxury sports car image - this needn't be so.

Almost all of our features have been developed due to customer request. Essentially we just put together the system the customers asked for, and that is why we think this will be the hottest selling boost controller in any market - period. The AccuBoost is an exceptional device and really scores highly on features, technology and price.

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