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Porsche 944 Turbo 2.5 Race Car - 1989 M030 [Now SOLD]

1989 944 Turbo Race Car. Currently in Diamond White with stripped race car interior (pictures from 2000 season). Features 2.5 blue printed engine using Dual Port Wastegate. Performance 0-60 in 5.0 seconds and over 165mph top speed. 300bhp (depending on Boost), 320lbft torque (at the flywheel). Price ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 11,750 [Sold].

- 2.5 Litre Standard Engine
- Dual Port Wastegate and Manual Boost Controller
- ProTrac Fully Adjustable Dampers
- Increased Spring rates
- Ultra Light 3 Piece Race Wheels
- Standard KKK K26/8 Turbo
- Carbon Kevlar Bonnet
- Standard 951 Brakes with Hawk Blue Pads
- Weight of just 1,150kgs
- Large 2.5" Facia Boost Gauge
- Internal Adjustable Boost Control (via MBC)
- MOMO Race Steering Wheel
- MOMO Corsa Wrap Around Race Seat
- Full 6 Point Race Harness
Porsche 944 Turbo 2.8 - 1989 M030

A Brief History
Acquired in April 1999. Previous race owner was Richard Finney. Guards Red with Koni suspension.
Oct 1999. Bill Taylor Memorial Race at Snetterton - 7th Overall.
Apr 2000. Porsche Cup - Donington. 2nd fastest lap after starting a wet race on slicks.
Apr 2000. 2nd fastest lap at Brands (1:51). 8th and 6th placed finishes after starting at the back with time penalty.
May 2000. Pole position at Silvertstone (2:08). Race was a DNF after a poor start and collision at Brooklands.
Jun 2000. 5th placed finish at Brands Hatch.
Jul 2000. Zandvoort - in 6th place after starting from back. DNF race.
Aug 2000. Again, after starting from the back of the grid - 6th place (1:51), 3rd fastest lap.
Sep 2002. 2nd fastest lap at Castle Combe (1:15). Could not start race due to gearbox failure.
Aug 2003. Gearbox re-built by G-Force Motorsport.
Sep 2003. Engine sump and pickup replaced & full geometry completed.
Dec 2003. Compete re-spray for 2004 season.
Jan 2004. Preparing for Porsche open campaign.
Mar 2004. Sold to Track Torque Racing.

Porsche 944 Turbo 2.8 - 1989 M030

What's planned next?
The car is now being campaigned in the 2004 Porsche Open by Track Torque Racing
See the Porsche Club GB Motorsport ( site for further info.