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Wortec PowerPac Electronic Switchable Exhaust - for Porsche 944 Turbo
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NEW! The ProMAX Motorsport and Wortec developed High Performance Electronicailly Switchable Exhaust System for 944 Turbo is the result of considerable tesing and development. Not only does this exhaust perform, but it also fits the 944 Turbo models perfectly. No bending of brackets or pipework to make this exhaust fit - it is designed to use the factory mounting points and looks purpose built for the car. The rolled edge tail pipe, specially tuned silencer chambers and idle resonater all make for a fantastic sounding exhaust that is not intrusive (no drone or resonance) and performs noticeably better than the factory system. You can now enjoy a fabulous racing exhaust sound; your 951 will sound like it never did before! We have two demonstrater cars that are fitted with the system and electronic switching. Please call 01296 714856 if you would like a demonstration.

Wortec PowerPac High Performance Exhaust for 944 Turbo
Wortec PowerPac High Performance Exhaust for 944 Turbo

  • See the exhaust in action: High or Low resolution Video download. NOTE: right click link and and select 'Save Target As' if the video does not stream straight away.
  • Full 3" sport performance exhaust system with selectable sound track (electronic switching is optional).
  • No loss of ground clearance because of the front pipe arrangement! (see picture to right).
  • Dyno proven to increase power and torque by +11bhp and +12lbft.
  • The more powerful your car, the more power the exhaust will liberate (if still using factory or 2.5" system).
  • 3" from downpipe to rear silencer - reduces backpressure at the turbocharger, releasing more power!
  • Ultra high quality stainless steel construction. Easy fitment using factory mounting points.
  • Rear silencer has two silencer chambers - quiet and noisy. Switch by removing a plate or select optional elelctronic switching.
  • Does not drone or resonate at speed. Even on full loud you can comfortably cruise at motorway speeds with no instrusive cabin noise.
  • Rear tail pipe designed to complement design of rear diffuser.
  • See the power charts here.
  • See the sound charts here.
  • An additonal video can be seen here. Clearly shows the effect of the quiet and loud settings.
  • Complete 3" stainless system for just ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 1199.95 - great value for the quality on offer.

View of the exhaust from underneath the car - showing full 3" cross section
NOTE: All prices on this page include VAT (but not delivery). The standard system at ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 1199.95 is manually switchable by removing a silencer plate in the tail pipe. Electronc switching is optional at ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 391.44 (excluding fitting). ProMAX Motorsport are offering free fitting of the system until Jan 31st 2008.

Wortec PowerPac Exhaust fitted to 1990 model 944 Turbo
Wortec PowerPac Electronic Switchable Exhaust
Wortec PowerPac Exhaust System for 944 Turbo - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 1199.95  
Wortec PowerPac Electronic Exhaust Switching Kit - ::PAGE EXPIRED::0000 391.44  

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